Online Self-Directed Learning

Sales Process and Presence

This module provides an overview of an effective sales process and the important presence behaviors and skills during each phase of the process. By the end of this module you will understand the importance of manifesting the ‘right’ sale presence at each phase of the sales process. Duration 15 minutes.
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Sales Presence

This sales presence module is an introductory workshop to help you enhance your sales presence. It includes a self-assessment and discussion about the characteristics, traits and behaviors of great presence. At the end of the module you will know how to more effectively:

  • tune in to your buying audience
  • connect authentically
  • inspire your buyers to take action
  • Duration 10 minutes.
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Personal Brand

In this module we discuss the importance of identifying and becoming explicit and deliberate about how you want to be perceived will help guide your actions. It will help you decide how you want to dress, behave, and interact with others, and it will inform your decision making about the type of buyer you wish to prospect and engage. By the end of this module you will have the tools to cultivate your personal brand. Duration fifteen minutes (excluding self-study)

Get their Attention: How and Why you Should use a WIIFM When Selling or Presenting

A winning WIIFM is an engaging and compelling introduction of you, your solution or your organization. It is a way to answer the question that potential clients are asking themselves as they listen to you: What’s In It For Me?

Dynamic Transition: Make your Colleagues Look Good During a Presentation

I explain why you should enthusiastically introduce you colleagues, while recognizing what they bring to the meeting both professionally and personally.

Storytelling: Inspire and Persuade Your Audience

Here’s an explanation of why stories are a critical component of any presentation.

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