Case Studies

Elevate Executive Presence

This product executive’s career had advanced at a fast pace. Then he, let’s call him Al, was looked over for a senior executive position he had presumed would be his when his boss moved on. With encouragement from his People and Culture Business Partner, Al decided to engage an executive coach and conduct a 360 interview process

The 360 results contained many endorsements of his effective leadership competencies. It also revealed a need for him to:

Working with his OLG coach, Al spent six months addressing these gaps in his leadership. Early on, he created action steps which included:

With the help of his coach, Al created presence experiments to help him hone his ability to authentically convey passion, confidence and curiosity for others’ opinions. The coach also helped him prep for “Big” meetings by having him practice his presentations and meeting facilitation skills. The coach also debriefed with Al his meetings and key interactions with a view to identifying “What’s working and what still needs attention.”

By the end of the executive coaching engagement, Al was ready to once more put himself forward for promotion.

Cadence of coaching interactions: bi-weekly, with prep and/or debrief calls scheduled in between scheduled meeting, as needed.

Resources used during the coaching engagement: Meetings with the coach, presence experiments, articles, Ted Talks, reaching out to stakeholders for their input.